Landlord Tenant Law

Unless you own your own home in Florida, you are subject to state law governing landlord tenant relationships. The laws governing tenant and landlord interactions are in place to provide legal protections to both parties, to ensure that certain standards are met, and to allow tenants or landlords who have had their rights violated to take action. However, understanding what is required of you and what protections you have, as either a landlord or tenant, can be difficult. With the following information and the help of a knowledgeable legal professional, you can better understand landlord/tenant law.

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Landlord Rights According to Landlord Tenant Law in Florida

As a landlord, or someone who owns a property and rents space to others, there are certain duties that you are expected to complete, including:

  • Provide a safe home or premises that meets building, housing and health requirements
  • Make reasonable and necessary repairs on the property

You are also guaranteed certain rights, including:

  • To receive payment (rent) in a timely and regular manner from tenants
  • Have property returned to you undamaged, except for certain regular wear and tear
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Tenant Rights According to Landlord/Tenant Law in Tampa

When it comes to landlord/tenant law in Florida, tenants also have certain duties that they must meet. These include the following:

  • Provide proper notice before vacating the property. The time required depends on your particular lease agreement.
  • Pay rent and related fees to landlord by agreed upon date
  • Maintain the property in appropriate condition

As a tenant, however, you are also protected by landlord/tenant law in Florida and have the following rights:

  • Peaceful possession, meaning that a landlord cannot interfere with your private life or enter your home except under dire circumstances and when written notice has been given.
  • To have a safe and undamaged home, which includes having hot water, heating, structurally sound doors, and more
  • To not have your rent discriminatorily increased or any services decreased as retaliation

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Discuss Issues Regarding Landlord Tenant Law in Tampa with an Attorney

When you are dealing with issues relating to landlord/tenant law in Florida, it is best to have a lawyer on your side who understands the laws pertinent to your situation and who has your best interests at heart. Our legal team at Egan Law, P.A., has dealt with many cases involving landlord/tenant law and can help you. Get in touch today.